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Hasselblad PME90 Prism View Finder Separation Line 42290

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Hasselblad PME90 Prism View Finder in good working order as pictured. There is a faint separation line that is visible in the finder, middle of the eye-piece, when viewing (SEE LAST 3 PHOTOS). This is due to the reflective material. It is not fungus - the prism is a big hunk of solid glass. The reflective paint can separate at the very top of the prism, and the mark will show in a straight line as it runs along the ridge of the prism.

The body is in very good shape, showing some signs of use as shown. The battery compartment is clean, and the electronics are fully functional.

This will require an Acute Matte D #42204, #42210, or #42213 for full functionality. Other screens can be used, but spot metering will not be accurate. Manual available online with more info. Serial Number: 412SS1267

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